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Run for Remembrance

For the first time in Europe, a sports race promoted by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities will provide the opportunity for a joint commemoration of the memory of the victims of the Shoah.
Sport offers the possibility of celebrating our humanity regardless of religion, creed, gender, or cultural background, and personal encounter is a precious occasion to overcome barriers and borders.
Our intention is to reaffirm the value of life that continues in spite of everything and in spite of all those that have tried to exterminate the Jews and other peoples throughout the centuries with genocides and massacres. Life goes on and the strength to survive, to live, must be passed on along with the courage to recount what happened, so that it may never happen again. And that is what we shall do involving the participation of citizenry of all ages, walking through a history-laden path. By running together we will transmit the strong message of life.