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Salaam Shalom Kitchen (SaSh)


Salaam Shalom Kitchen is a community project based in Bristol, UK that was founded in 2010. The project was inspired by the idea of bringing together Jewish and Muslim women to cook and share meals, in order to promote understanding and friendship between the two communities. The project was started by Liz and Mufti Liaqat, who wanted to create a space for women from different backgrounds to come together, share their stories and experiences, and create something positive.

Initially, the project was run as a series of small cooking workshops, where Jewish and Muslim women could come together to learn new recipes, share their own cooking skills, and get to know each other. The workshops were a great success, and soon the project expanded to include regular community meals, catering for events, and even a food stall at local markets.

Over the years, Salaam Shalom Kitchen has grown into a thriving community project that brings together people from all walks of life, not just Jewish and Muslim women. The project has become a hub for community engagement, and it continues to promote understanding, dialogue, and friendship between different communities in Bristol and beyond.

While the organization may not have specific initiatives aimed at combating antisemitism, their work in building bridges between different communities can contribute to reducing prejudice and stereotypes that can lead to antisemitism.

Salaam Shalom Kitchen’s activities can promote interfaith dialogue, provide opportunities for people from different backgrounds to learn about each other’s cultures and beliefs, and help build a sense of community and shared values. By bringing people together in a welcoming and inclusive space, Salaam Shalom Kitchen can help break down barriers and promote understanding, respect, and cooperation between different communities.