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Southgate Progressive Synagogue (SPS)

SPS endeavours to be a centre and focal-point for the local Jewish community and their families whether religious or secular.


  • is proud to be a constituent member of Liberal Judaism which affirms the dynamic, developing character of the Jewish religious tradition’;
  • makes every effort to ensure that it has a focus on the whole community and cater for all life-cycle events;
  • is proud to have a modern, purpose-built Sanctuary where members can pray in a tranquil space and offer different styles of prayer and services, both modern and traditional;
  • celebrates the Jewish festivals according to the Liberal Jewish tradition, not hiding from innovation nor tradition;
  • is inclusive of all people, welcoming non-Jewish partners to all services and social activities and always ensuring that financial hardship is never a barrier to being part of the community;
  • has a continuing awareness of the welfare of the community with a band of dedicated volunteers who keep in contact with its members, especially those who are older, on their own or unwell as well as considering others outside our community who are less fortunate than ourselves;
  • encourages and supports those who wish to convert to Judaism with a structured course of teaching and learning;
  • facilitates the learning of Jewish heritage for members and non-members;
  • supports and participates in Interfaith events and dialogue with the local faith communities around us;
  • offers regular social and cultural events, enabling members to get to know each other better;
  • encourages discussion on a wide variety of Jewish interest topics, listening with respect to the opinion of others, even when such views are different from our own;
  • will seek to be bold when it comes to change – striving to live up to its Progressive name, to be able to move forward and be relevant for the next generation.

Some Volunteering work proposed :

  • Host for Shabbat at Home
  • Inclusive Lay Leaders/Volunteers
  • Mourners Support
  • Lift Rota – Helping Hands
  • Security Volunteer
  • EcoSynagogue and Environmental Action
  • Governance & Risk Management
  • Legacies in Wills
  • Monthly Magazine, website and Social Media Columnist
  • Welfare Callers
  • Community Callers
  • Israel Group
  • Mitzvah Day
  • Social Action Group
  • Choir & Music Group
  • Interfaith Group