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The SPCJ, Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive (Protection Service for the Jewish Community) was created in 1980 in the aftermath of the bombing on rue de Copernic in Paris, through the joint efforts of French Jewish institutions.

The SPCJ is a non-political, not-for-profit organisation. Its sole purpose is to protect Jewish life in all its diversity.


The SPCJ’s primary aims revolve around ensuring the security and protection of the Jewish community in France.


The SPCJ carries out a variety of actions to fulfill its aims of ensuring the security and protection of the Jewish community in France. While specific actions may vary over time, here are some common actions taken by the SPCJ:

  1. Security Assessments: The SPCJ conducts security assessments of Jewish institutions and facilities to identify vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate security measures. This may involve evaluating physical security infrastructure, access control systems, emergency preparedness, and more.
  2. Incident Monitoring and Reporting: The SPCJ closely monitors incidents of anti-Semitism and reports on trends and patterns. They gather data on anti-Semitic acts, including physical attacks, threats, and hate speech, and provide regular updates to relevant stakeholders, including community members, organizations, and law enforcement agencies.
  3. Training and Education: The SPCJ develops and provides training programs and educational resources to enhance the security awareness and preparedness of the Jewish community. They offer guidance on recognizing potential threats, implementing security measures, and responding to emergency situations.
  4. Crisis Response and Support: In times of crisis or security threats, the SPCJ offers guidance, support, and coordination to Jewish organizations and individuals. They work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure an effective response and assist in crisis management.
  5. Advocacy and Collaboration: The SPCJ engages in advocacy efforts to promote the security and well-being of the Jewish community. They collaborate with local authorities, government agencies, and other organizations to address security concerns, share information, and coordinate efforts to combat antisemitism.
  6. Community Engagement: The SPCJ actively engages with the Jewish community, fostering relationships, and maintaining open lines of communication. They provide guidance on security-related matters and encourage community members to report incidents or concerns.