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Tachles is a Swiss Jewish magazine that was first published in 2000. The publication is produced by the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities, an umbrella organization that represents Jewish communities throughout Switzerland. The magazine’s name “Tachles” is a Yiddish word that roughly translates to “practical” or “to the point.”

The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to Jewish life and culture, including news, politics, religion, and social issues. It is published in both German and French, reflecting the country’s linguistic diversity.

Over the years, Tachles has become an important source of information and commentary for the Swiss Jewish community. The magazine has tackled a variety of issues, including antisemitism, interfaith relations, and the challenges facing Jewish communities in Switzerland and around the world.

In addition to its print publication, Tachles also maintains an online presence and publishes articles and other content on its website. The magazine has won several awards for its journalism over the years, including the Swiss Press Award in 2012.


Tachles primarily focuses on providing news, analysis, and commentary on Jewish life and culture in Switzerland and beyond. Some of the actions that Tachles takes include:

  1. News Coverage: Tachles provides comprehensive coverage of news related to the Swiss Jewish community, including local and international news.
  2. Opinion and Analysis: Tachles offers a platform for Jewish writers and thinkers to share their opinions and analysis on a range of issues affecting the Jewish community in Switzerland and beyond.
  3. Cultural and Community Events: Tachles promotes and covers Jewish cultural and community events in Switzerland, such as holiday celebrations, concerts, and lectures.
  4. Jewish Education: Tachles offers articles and resources on Jewish education, including information on Jewish schools, curriculum, and teaching methods.
  5. Holocaust Remembrance: Tachles provides coverage of Holocaust remembrance events and initiatives, including interviews with survivors and reflections on the legacy of the Holocaust.
  6. Interfaith Dialogue: Tachles promotes interfaith dialogue and understanding, and covers events and initiatives related to interfaith cooperation and understanding.
  7. Jewish Heritage and History: Tachles offers coverage of Jewish heritage and history in Switzerland and beyond, including information on Jewish historical sites and cultural landmarks.
  8. Jewish-Muslim Relations: Tachles covers initiatives and events related to Jewish-Muslim relations and cooperation, with a focus on promoting understanding and dialogue.
  9. Jewish Food and Culture: Tachles offers articles and coverage of Jewish food and culture, including recipes, restaurant reviews, and cultural events.
  10. Social Justice and Activism: Tachles covers social justice and activism initiatives related to the Jewish community, including advocacy for social justice causes and coverage of initiatives promoting equality and justice.