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Tamar Germany

TaMaR Germany is a registered association that sees itself in the tradition of progressive Judaism. TaMaR is a platform for joint education, exchange and critical questioning of one’s own and social norms. In this way, the association wants to strengthen the personality of young people and encourage them to work politically and personally from a Jewish perspective in everyday life in Germany.
The association warmly welcomes all interested young adults, regardless of their own Jewish denomination. However, the events of TaMaR Germany are clearly progressive-Jewish. This means in practice that TaMarR attaches great importance to equality, regardless of gender. Patrilineal and matrilineal Jews are equally welcome here. All participants, organizers and workshop leaders are treated equally.
This Judaism moves with the times, adapts traditions to the modern world and is open to change and change.

TaMaR Germany is part of the worldwide community of TaMaR Olami and represents the young generation from 18 to 35 in the WUPJ and ARZENU. There are a number of organizations and groups worldwide that belong to this community because they associate themselves with progressive Judaism. Many of those who grow up in the Netzer youth movement and who develop and get to know their Jewish identity there begin to volunteer as young adults. Following Netzer, TaMaR offers the opportunity to continue to advocate for progressive Judaism and create a strong community. This includes: organizing events for peers in regional organizational structures, celebrating festivals together, leading and leading discussions, social commitment, interreligious dialogue, international encounters, etc.

TaMaR is a network and a platform for engagement and exchange of progressive Jewish young adults. TaMaR Germany is open to Jewish people between the ages of 18 and 35 in Germany. The events are independently organized by young adults for young adults at a regional, national and international level. The hierarchies are flat and the organization of seminars and programs as well as learning, for example in workshops, is designed jointly. The members of TaMaR determine where the nationwide and international seminars take place and which topics are to be focused on.
The weekend meetings often take place in places with a liberal community that we get to know and, if possible, participate in the Shabbat or conduct workshops with the rabbis. Sometimes, however, TaMaR members lead the service or offer workshops on religious questions and socio-political issues.
Cooperation with other TaMaR groups is particularly appreciated. It offers a great opportunity to get to know new perspectives and to make lifelong friendships with people from all over the world. The aspect of Tikkun Olam stands in the design of the program. In the foreground: as progressive Jews, this means being aware both individually and collectively of responsibility towards social and ecological environment, acquiring the appropriate knowledge together, and recognizing and exercising their potency. In order to act more sustainably at our meetings, only vegetarian meals are offered.


In 1999, after a Kabbalat Shabbat, members of the Liberal Jewish Community in Hanover had the idea of ​​creating an offer for young adults aged 18 and over. As a result, the association Young and Jewish Hanover was founded, which should be a pioneer for Young and Jewish Germany eV.
Even then, the group had a clear liberal orientation, but was open to other perspectives. Therefore, in addition to the events on Judaism and the informal get-togethers, which served to exchange ideas and support in everyday life, there were also discussion groups and contentious debates with orthodox visitors.
The core initially consisted of 15 people from Berlin and Hanover. Seminars were held and the first mini-machane took place with 25 people. Another group was formed in Munich, others were added and the number of members grew steadily.
As a consequence, Young and Jewish Germany (Jung und Jüdisch Deutschland) was founded in 2003. It should serve as an umbrella organization that finances the regional groups and simplifies coordination. Young and Jewish was a pioneer in demonstrating an “alternative Judaism” for young people in Germany.
Over the years, Young and Jewish has become particularly well known for the Jewish Journeys Seminar. This is a multi-day seminar with around 60 participants from Germany, Europe and Israel. Workshops are held on topics related to Judaism, politics and Israel. Joint Shabbat celebrations and exploring the respective Jewish places are also on the program.
In addition, networking with other progressive young adult groups in the Jewish world, such as TaMaR Olami and participation in TaMaR Veida, is an integral part of the annual seminars.

At the 2019 General Assembly, the name Young and Jewish Germany was changed to TaMaR Germany eV to symbolize international unity with the other progressive young adult programs of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, with Young and Jewish always serving as a role model for other young adult organizations was taken.


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