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The Central Welfare Office of Jews in Germany (ZWST) 


The Central Welfare Board of Jews in Germany (Die Zentralwohlfahrtsstelle der Juden in Deutschland) is a Jewish Welfare Organization, representing the Jewish Federal Associations, the Jewish Communities and the Union of Jewish Women in the area of ​​Jewish care. As a national union of Jewish welfare, the ZWST is the head organization of Jewish care in Germany. It also is a member of The Federal Association of Non-statutory Welfare (BAGFW). The ZWST team consists of 120 regular workers, and is also supported by freelancers and volunteers. Fully in line with its motto: “Zedakah” – the Hebrew synonym for charity – the ZWST follows the social and religious understanding of charity in Judaism. “Zedakah”, the commitment to help the needy with the view of achieving social justice, is, according to Judaism a “Mitzvah” – a religious imperative in Hebrew, and as such a pivotal religious commitment. Thus, the activities of the ZWST as an agency providing Jewish care are based on a concept of charity which is anchored in Jewish religious legislation.


  1. Providing support and counseling to victims of antisemitic discrimination and hate crimes, as well as their families.
  2. Educating the public about the history and impact of antisemitism, through workshops, training sessions, and public awareness campaigns.
  3. Promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding, through partnerships with other religious organizations and institutions.
  4. Advocating for policies and legislation that protect Jewish individuals and communities from discrimination and hate crimes.
  5. Supporting research and studies that explore the root causes of antiseemitism, and developing strategies to address these issues.