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The Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Israelites de France (EEIF)


The Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Israelites de France (EEIF) is a Jewish scouting movement that was established in 1923. It was founded with the intention of offering Jewish youth in France similar scouting experiences to those provided by Protestant scouting groups. The organization aimed to foster unity and a sense of community among diverse Jewish youth.

During World War II, the EEIF played a significant role in providing refuge and assistance to Jewish children and families. Many members of the movement were involved in clandestine operations, helping to smuggle Jewish children out of occupied France to safety. The EEIF operated under the radar, often changing its name to avoid detection by the Nazi authorities.

After the war, the EEIF continued to grow and develop. It expanded its activities and initiatives to include cultural, educational, and social programs for Jewish youth. The organization remains active to this day, promoting the values of tolerance, solidarity, and Jewish identity among its members.


The Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Israélites de France (EEIF) aim to provide a Jewish-based educational experience for young people. They employ a peer-led approach through playful and enriching activities to transmit Jewish values, traditions, and knowledge. The EEIF fosters common values such as respect, solidarity, autonomy, tolerance, and personal growth among its members. They incorporate the scout method, focusing on responsibility, engagement, community living, autonomy, and respect for others and the environment. Additionally, the EEIF encourages civic engagement, promoting projects related to humanitarian and environmental causes, charitable works, democratic events, and cultural actions. Their goal is to develop citizenship skills, responsibility, and a sense of belonging in society. They actively participate in activities such as visits to retirement homes, social children’s houses, solidarity initiatives during festivities, and national or commemorative events.


  1. Educational Activities: Organizing activities that provide a Jewish educational experience through scouting, including discussions on Jewish history, culture, and contemporary issues.
  2. Celebrating Jewish Holidays: Facilitating the celebration of Jewish holidays, fostering a connection to Jewish traditions and practices.
  3. Community Visits and Engagements: Arranging visits to synagogues, participation in Jewish communal activities, and engagement with Jewish community organizations.
  4. Volunteering and Charitable Initiatives: Encouraging members to participate in volunteer projects, including visits to retirement homes, social centers for children, and engaging in charitable initiatives with a Jewish focus.
  5. Promoting Social Justice: Supporting projects related to social justice, environmental issues, human rights, and democratic values.
  6. National and Commemorative Events: Active participation in national events, commemorative ceremonies, and democratic demonstrations.
  7. Engagement with Israel: Providing opportunities for members to learn about Israel’s history, culture, and contemporary society, potentially including visits to Israel, engaging with Israeli youth, and fostering discussions on the significance of Israel for Jewish identity.