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The Hate Speech Movement


The Hate Speech Movement is a youth campaign run by the Council of Europe Youth Service that calls on young people to mobilise to fight hate speech and promote human rights online.
Launched in 2013, it has been implemented at national and local level through national campaigns in 45 countries. The movement will remain active beyond 2017 through the work of national campaigns, online campaigners and partners.


Its aim is to raise awareness of the consequences of online hate speech and to combat it.


Most of their campaigns focus on raising awareness of the risks that hate speech poses to human rights and democracy, as well as educational activities; at the political level, they also advocate appropriate responses to hate speech.

The Movement’s work is based on human rights education, involving schools and universities as well as numerous partners in the field of popular education. No Hate is the Council of Europe’s flagship campaign. It should help us to react and act together on all the forms that hate speech can take: sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, hatred directed at refugees, tzigane and any other form of hatred based on intolerance. In practice, the campaign is now being rolled out across France thanks to this new dynamic, through days of action, activities and tools implemented by a network of online activists and moderators, as well as on the ground by various initiatives led by activists, youth associations, local authorities and civil society organisations.