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The Holocaust Memorial Center

The Holocaust is anguish of the whole Hungarian nation, causing immeasurable loses in human lives and spiritual values. The Memorial Center researches and processes the history of persecution of the Hungarian Jewry and citizens declared to be Jewish based on contemporary racial acts, its triggering factors, the impact of the catastrophe and the consequences of the losses, as well as the reasons of breaking with the Hungarian historical traditions of coexistence.

The Institution considers that preserving the memories of the tragedy, as well as reconciliation are a national issue. The existence of the Center by itself is a token of piety by the Government, the Hungarian nation and society toward all the victims of the Shoah, our persecuted and slaughtered innocent compatriots, respect toward the Righteous Among the Nations and every unselfish rescuer.  

The Memorial Center is a site for collective morning and compassion with the victims and, at the same time, a venue for its enduring and adequate display. It is an important workshop of the national remembrance, its methodological focal point and catalyst. It demonstrates the importance of respecting human rights and the responsibility of protecting human lives; it radiates responsibility for the future by scientific research and realistic presentation of the past.

It has to amend a major historical omission by overcoming the ignorance of the topic caused by decades of sinful silence. For is social acceptance, high morality, devotion and credibility, respect for religious values and piety, as well as an air of openness are indispensible.