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The House of Jewish Culture- La Maison de la Culture Juive

The House of the Jewish Culture is a friendly space for the conservation, creation, renewal and transmission of Jewish cultural memory.

Strengthen and develop Jewish identity, discover and better understand all Jewish worlds in their diversity.

Building an intense cultural and social life, sharing and debating, without taboos or prejudices, in the multiformity of our culture, in a desire for openness and in what is universal in it.

The founding texts, our common heritage, are often at the center of our reflections, to identify the essential elements and confront them with the realities of our time, to demand an innovative reading that conveys meaning and ethics.

Conferences / study cycles / exhibitions / workshops / symposiums

The Maison de la Culture Juive is driven by a demand for quality and variety in its programming, associated with the talent of its speakers, often of university level. It regularly calls on the great contemporary Jewish thinkers and analysts of various religions.

Jewish languages

The Yiddish language, Judeo-Spanish and our other dialects have become the languages ​​of dispersed minorities. We thought they were lost! Our desire is to help find them and bring them back to life!

Intercultural dialogue

Perfectly integrated into the city, through our desire for openness, we meet and promote dialogue with our compatriots of all origins. Our creed is sharing with our fellow citizens, whether secular, Christian or Arab, in an inter-community and inter-convictional spirit.