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The Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana (JCC)


The Jewish Cultural Center (Judovski Kulturni Centr Ljubljana) was founded in 2013 by the Jewish Community of Slovenia. The center was established as a hub for Jewish cultural and educational activities in Slovenia and as a meeting place for the country’s Jewish community. Since its founding, the JCC has played an important role in promoting Jewish culture and heritage in Slovenia.


The aims of the JCC in Ljubljana are to promote Jewish culture and heritage in Slovenia and to foster a sense of community among the country’s Jewish population. The main aim to educate both Jews and non-Jews about Jewish history, culture, and traditions, and to provide social services to members of the Jewish community in Slovenia.


  1. Organizing theatre and puppet performances, concerts, lectures, festivals, traditional events, and other social gatherings that showcase Jewish culture and heritage.
  2. Working in partnership with Mini Theatre to promote tolerance, inclusion, history, and education through joint events and activities.
  3. Hosting exhibitions that explore Jewish history and culture, as well as contemporary issues facing Jewish communities around the world.
  4. Offering educational programs and workshops that promote understanding and dialogue among different communities.
  5. Providing a space for the city’s Jewish community to come together and celebrate their culture and heritage.
  6. Serving as a resource for information about Jewish history, culture, and religion for the broader community.