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The Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation

Origins : 

OPEN PUBLIC FOUNDATION “LIEPĀJAS EBREJU MANTOJUMS”, also known as THE “LIEPAJA JEWISH HERITAGE FOUNDATION”, is a non-governmental organization established in 2004

Aims : 

The main object of the Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation is to research, preserve and disseminate the Jewish heritage of Liepaja (Libau) as an integral part of the city’s history.

Actions : 

Research, translation and publication of materials relating to the pre-war history of the Liepaja Jewish Community and the Holocaust;

Research and report unknown facts relating to the Holocaust in Liepaja;

Develop and support relations with the Jews of Liepaja and their descendants, by involving them in the creation of chronicles regarding the Jewish community in pre-war Liepaja;

Develop, support and implement educational programs of the Jewish history of Liepaja.

Co-operate with Liepaja’s local authorities in preserving Jewish memorials and the Jewish cemetery;

Participate in common projects with the Liepaja Jewish Community and other Jewish organizations in Latvia and abroad, in the fields of education, culture and social activities;

Organize and participate in meetings, seminars and conferences to further the Foundation’s main objects.