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The Secular Jewish Community Center David Susskind – ( CCLJ)

Strong commitments

Located in St Gilles, The Jewish Secular Community Center David Susskind (CCLJ) opens its doors to the Jewish community of Brussels, believers or not, but also to all those curious about this culture who want to take an interest in a part of its history, ancient or contemporary or in his memory, and beyond, to all those interested in one of the cultural and recreational activities of the CCLJ. The missions of the CCLJ are multiple, and particularly, it ensures the affirmation and transmission of secular Jewish identity while respecting differences, it is committed against all forms of racism. The CCLJ promotes dialogue through educational actions and a cultural program open to all. Throughout the year, many events are organized and spaces for dialogue are created. The activities are aimed at all generations. The CCLJ welcomes authors such as Boris Cyrulnik, Anne Sinclair or Guillaume Ancel, speakers, directors such as the Dardenne brothers, essayists such as Rachel Kahn, Raphaël Glucksman, Raphaël Enthoven and many others. Via its department “Hate, I say NO! », the CCLJ raises awareness and makes intergenerational audiences from diverse backgrounds understand the facts related to the Holocaust and other crimes of genocide.