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Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Peace Foundation

The Foundation wages peace on all fronts. We create safe places for difficult conversations and non-formal learning projects designed to create networks of agents for change. Our aim is that communities can PREVENT, RESOLVE and RESPOND to their own conflicts, breaking the cycle of violence.

The Foundation’s programme encompasses a number of broad areas of work (projects and products). Using practice-based research and conflict transformation theory, the Foundation equips people with skills to use their experiences positively and to effect change for themselves and their communities.

We deliver a unique programme made up of numerous projects that continue to develop to match contemporary challenges. Our work focuses on young people, from offering general leadership development to working with those who may be vulnerable or at risk of using violence or being influenced by extremism.

The Foundation continues to grow by reputation and undertakes many projects internationally working with other Non-Governmental Organisations. We Chair the European Union’s Radicalisation Awareness Network. We employ a highly skilled in-house team with an extended professional associate network. We provide consultancy including preparedness for humanitarian incidents, facilitation of dialogue and specialist input into the likes of educational resources and new media.