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United Sephardic Israelite Congregation

Founded in 1992 by a group of volunteers eager to strengthen the Jewish identity of Sephardim residing in Uccle-Forest, CISU has achieved remarkable community achievements over the course of a decade. The first synagogue of this community in Uccle-Forest, Etz Hayim, was founded in 1992 at Place Constantin Meunier,14 and inaugurated its new space in 2000 rue Roosendael 154 to 1190 Forest.

Through its various committees, the Sephardic Congregation of Uccle Forest:

(a) maintain religious services in accordance with Sephardic traditions;

(b) provide for the religious education of its members;

(c) organizes social and cultural activities within the community.

CisU hosts renowned Speakers, Congresses and many leading public and private events every year.