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World Jewish Relief


World Jewish Relief is a British Jewish humanitarian organization that was founded in 1933 to provide emergency assistance to Jews fleeing Nazi persecution in Germany and Austria. Since then, the organization has expanded its operations to provide humanitarian assistance to Jewish communities around the world, as well as to other vulnerable communities affected by poverty, conflict, and disaster. During World War II, World Jewish Relief worked closely with the British government to rescue Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Europe and transport them to safety in the United Kingdom.


The main aim of World Jewish Relief is to provide humanitarian assistance and support to Jewish communities around the world, particularly those affected by poverty, discrimination, and conflict. They work to ensure that vulnerable groups, such as elderly Holocaust survivors and refugees, receive the support they need to live in dignity and security. In addition to their humanitarian work, World Jewish Relief is committed to combatting antisemitism and promoting tolerance and understanding.


  1. Education and awareness-raising: World Jewish Relief develops and implements educational programs to promote understanding and respect for diversity. They work with schools and community organizations to educate young people about the dangers of prejudice and discrimination, including antisemitism.
  2. Advocacy and policy: World Jewish Relief advocates for policies that promote equality, tolerance, and human rights. They engage with policymakers at the national and international levels to promote the rights of refugees and other vulnerable groups, including Jews affected by antisemitism.
  3. Community support: World Jewish Relief provides support to Jewish communities affected by poverty, discrimination, and other forms of hardship. This includes support for elderly Holocaust survivors, refugees, and other vulnerable groups who may be at heightened risk of antisemitic violence or harassment.
  4. Emergency response: World Jewish Relief provides emergency relief in response to disasters and crises around the world. They work to ensure that affected communities, including Jewish communities, receive the support they need to recover and rebuild, including support to rebuild after incidents of antisemitic violence or hate crimes.
  5. Interfaith and intercultural dialogue: World Jewish Relief participates in interfaith and intercultural dialogue to promote understanding and cooperation between different communities. They work to build bridges between Jewish and non-Jewish communities and to promote a more tolerant and inclusive society, including by raising awareness about the dangers of antisemitism and other forms of discrimination.