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Central Council of Muslims

The ZMD is an umbrella organization of currently 9 regional associations, 14 Muslim umbrella organizations and around 300 communities and Islamic associations that represent a cross-section of Muslims in Germany. This includes German Muslims but also Muslims with Turkish, Arab and Balkan backgrounds, among others, as well as Sunnis and Shiites. The club language is German. The executive board and committees have around a third of the women. The ZMD, formerly the “Islamic Working Group”, was founded in 1987.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany sees itself as an integral part of Germany’s pluralistic society. He goes the way of togetherness, the dialogue with the other parts of our country and therefore rejects demarcation and exclusion. This applies both to the relationship of the Central Council to other religions and groups with no denomination, as well as to Islamic communities and organizations that do not belong to the Central Council.